CEIP Joan Fuster is located in the town of Manises, almost bordering the municipality of Quart de Poblet. Manises is located on the right bank of the Turia River. It is located in the metropolitan area of ​​the city of Valencia, 8 kilometres away from this city, and its municipal area is within the L’Horta region.

Our enrollment rises to a total of 420 students divided into 5 units for Preprimary and 13 for Primary Education . Most of the students come from neighborhoods close to the school, although during the last years we are receiving students from other areas of Manises and from other towns or countries.

What makes us special is that our school is a preferred school for students with functional diversity of a motor nature. Therefore, one of the pillars of the center is inclusive education and attention to diversity. For this reason we have a specialized staff (Hearing and Language teachers, Special Education, physical therapist and educators). Diversity defines us for social, cultural and ethnic reasons of our educational community, as well as the path that we have been walking for some time towards the inclusion of students with functional diversity of a motor nature.

CEIP Joan Fuster proposes to contribute to the development of emotionally competent people, who have the necessary skills to exercise their autonomy in a responsible way and be able to plan and manage their projects. For all these reasons, we opted for our own methodology, studied, thought and created especially for our students, their characteristics and needs.

CEIP Joan Fuster