Plagiari has got a big school with a lot of classrooms and nice facilities: a computer lab, a basketball court, a volleyball court, a botanical garden, an open theatre and an open area to play chess.  It was built in 1968 and it takes part in many European programs.
We are a team of 27 teachers and 230 pupils. We try to develop our teaching methods and techniques. We have previously participated in cultural and environmental programmes. We participated in a Comenius project in the years 2013-15, titled  “I love music, I love drama, I love life” and later in an Erasmus + programme from 2017-2019 with the title “Ecological Literate Generation Will Change the Future of the Planet and Humanity in a Positive Direction.”
We always want to learn the latest trends in educational practices.
Animal Assisted Education is new to us and we would like to be educated as much as possible because we believe in the power of animals to bring people together and to help overcome problems in the classroom. More particularly, we believe that such a programme can help pupils overcome their learning difficulties. We can make a valuable contribution in this project as there are a lot of organizations in Northern Greece who can be invited and assist in animal assisted education.


1st Primary School in Plagiari